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Ross Allen

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What is an Inbound Marketing Campaign?

Inbound marketing campaigns are concentrated effort that align all of your marketing channels around a single message and goal. 

It starts with a marketing offer — something valuable and relevant for your audience that you promote through your marketing channels. 

Then, you nurture the leads from that offer and move them along your marketing funnel so that they can become your customers. 

How is an inbound marketing campaign different from a traditional marketing campaign? 

An inbound marketing campaign ;

Starts with the customer in mind
An inbound campaign is built to attract, not annoy. It takes every stage of your funnel into account to generate new, interesting leads, and turns them into quality leads and happy customers through relevant, compelling content.

Uses integrated tools to connect everything. 
An inbound campaign uses interconnected tools to weave context about a lead into every channel and every tool. the result is a smooth, personalized experience for buyers, better results for marketers and salespeople.

Works in any situation.
Any campaign can be an inbound campaign. Whether you are starting with a webinar, a product launch, or a new list of leads, you can apply the inbound campaign to improve your effort.


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